"Life is what happens while you're making plans.."

Monday, 1 November 2010

Sometimes everything falls into the right place at the right time. Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time.

This is one of those things. One of those things that just happens. And you look back and you realise it's because everything happened at the right time. You were in the right place. And you start to think..what if I hadn't been there? What if I hadn't realised? just what if..

Alex is amazing. He's made me the happiest I ever remember being. He's adorable and lovely and he makes me feel so wanted and missed and being told someone misses you is one of the best feelings in the world. Let me tell you a story..it's a story of boy meets girl. a true story.

Alex was told by a friend, my best friend to look at my tumblr, he read it. he read my blogger as well. He doubled my follower count on tumblr, he brought it to 2. We'd met at parties before but neither of us really remember. We start talking and then move to texting and speaking on msn; we don't stop talking, we haven't really stopped talking since we first started..and after all, they say the key to a healthy relationship is communication, right? but anyway, where was i? we were texting and decided to take a trip to the sweet shop near college to grab some sweets and ended up spending the whole week with each other and it ended up with me going into town then over to his a week after we'd first started talking. That same day that I was at Alex's we started dating..that was over a month ago and I genuinely couldn't be happier: he tells me i'm cute and gorgeous and beautiful (i don't believe him but the words still make me feel like i could fly..) he hugs me when i'm cold. he kisses me on the forehead. he tickles me until i squirm and we can talk forever. he makes me feel wanted. he makes me feel safe: i used to have nightmares on a regular basis where i would wake up crying or with mascara all over my duvet but since i've been with alex the number of nightmares has genuinely decreased.

but in that story i missed the most crucial part. the bit that strings it all together. the bit that makes me think i was in the exact right place at the exact right moment: the day i first started to text alex i was in birmingham, at the open day, by myself because neither of my parents were free to come with me. I texted alex all day until my phone died on the train home, he was keeping me company although i'd never properly met him and he was over 100 miles away. I got the train home earlier than i had been planning because in an unknown city there really is little to do by yourself seeing as exploring is so much more fun with someone else. anyway, i got off the train with a completely dead phone and my feet were killing me. I'd got up early that morning to get a train up there in time so i wasn't looking my greatest either. I was stood outside the station waiting for my mum to pick me up and i spotted someone out of the corner of my eye, after quickly double checking i decided that it was definitely alex and went over to speak to him, half expecting him to be like 'who the hell are you?!' but he recognised me and explained that he was waiting to be picked up because he'd missed his last bus home after filming in winchester most of the day. we talked until my mum arrived, i remember him telling me that he knew so much random movie trivia and that he was outraged by the fact that i'd never see lost in translation, one of his all time favourite movies (i've seen it now though and i have to admit, it's a damn good movie) when my mum came to collect me i said bye to him, went home and charged my phone then continued to text him for the rest of the night and as i said before, we still haven't really stopped talking in some form since that day. Alex told me later, once we were together, that he remembers thinking i was better looking in person than on tumblr and facebook etc. when he met me properly for the first time that day...god knows why though, i looked a state that day. so after meeting alex, i went home and had a chinese takeaway with my family that night. i'm the only one who likes the fortune cookies in my family so i got 6: i still have the messages from 5 of the fortune cookies from that night because the first one i opened had a particularly special meaning, it read:
"Someone of the opposite sex that you have just met adores you."
i texted alex telling him what it said and i still have it, stuck on the wall above my bed along with the other 4 i opened, i gave one to alex later in the week because he'd never had one before. from that day, the 11th of September 2010, i have found a love for fortune cookies and their messages.

The 11th of September was a very sunny, warm day. Pathetic fallacy, eat your heart out.

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